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 Please Note -The HFD Voucher Program is shutting down to transition to the new Gall-Lone Star System. Look for the special bulletin and training documents being sent out in the next few days! Should you have any questions please call- 832-395-8517

Items in the Voucher Program are now available to active classified personnel via our new eCommerce store.  The rules for the fiscal year 2012 starting July 1st, 2011 are:

  • You receive $300 in your voucher account on July 1.
  • If you did not use all of your voucher money from last year, you may roll over up to $100.  This rollover amount may ONLY be used for the purchase of a dress uniform and may only be used ONCE every five (5) years.
  • If you don't use the roll over amount in the fiscal year 7/1/11 - 6/30/12 then it goes away.  However, any unused portion (up to $100) of your original $300 will be rolled over to the next fiscal year.


You have been issued a "gift card" to track your Voucher money.   It may only be used by you.  To buy items, add them to your shopping cart.   Then when you're ready to check out, click the Shopping Cart link.  Then enter your 6 digit payroll number in the box labeled "Gift Card" and click Apply.   Example:  "012345".  You'll see the amount of your items deducted from the voucher gift card amount.  Then click Checkout and your order will be sent to the Warehouse personnel for processing.   You'll receive an email when the order is complete and is ready to be picked up at the Dart St warehouse.

Special Dress Uniform "gift card":  All those who qualify for the rollover have been issued a special gift card for payments on dress uniform orders only.   The gift card code to apply is your 6 digit payroll + the code "dress".  Example:  "012345dress"


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New online store is open! - Wednesday, July 06, 2011
The new eCommerce store is open now! We are very excited to offer all Voucher Program products via the web.
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